Sun_Life_StadiumTop Teams in Florida college football series: UM Hurricanes

Go Hurricanes! Florida has had some great college teams, the Hurricanes are one of them. Miami is a place of athletic bodies, hot beaches, and hot football. Here is some background info, news, and fun facts about this powerhouse football team.

BACKGROUND — The Miami team The Hurricanes represents the University of Miami (UM), as most good football fans know. They are part of the National Collegiate Athletic Association, or NCAA, and the Atlantic Coast Conference, or ACC. The football program at UM in 1926. The Hurricanes have won five national championships, in 1983, 1987, 1989, 1991, and 2001; they are tied with Southern California (behind Alabama) as Associated Press National Poll Champions. The hold several notable NFL draft records and have the most players active in the NFL of any university. The coach is Al Golden, and the UM stadium is the Sun Life Stadium in Miami Gardens.


  • The University of Miami and corporation Adidas announced recently that they will partner for the next 12 years in a deal that may become the most lucrative in the history of Hurricane athletics. And it’s longest-term deal that Adidas has struck with any college athletic program. It’s said to be “worth ‘multiple times’ more than Miami’s previous arrangement with Nike.” Adidas Group North America President Mark King said, “Florida is a key battleground and home to some of the best athletic talent in the country. We’re proud to have Miami as a key pillar of our future business.”
  • Vincent Testaverde Jr. is leaving Texas Tech as a quarterback to transfer to Miami and play with the Hurricanes. His father, Vinny Testaverde, was a Heisman Trophy winning player who once led Miami as a national power. Right now there is no room for a new quarterback at Miami, so Vincent Jr. will wait his turn adding some strength to the team roster.
  • After the Hurricanes just ended their season with a loss to South Carolina in the Duck Commander Independence Bowl, coach Al Golden claims he’s determined to find a way to get his program back on target. He’s not being fired or quitting as of now.


  • Of the last five head coaches with the Hurricanes, three have gone on to head coaching positions in the NFL. Jimmy Johnson of Dallas Cowboys fame. Dennis Erickson of the Seattle Seahawks and Butch Davis of the Cleveland Browns.
  • A scandalous situation in 1978 for the Hurricanes happened when where three players threw a man into a lake, causing the resignation of then-coach, Lou Saban.
  • In 1991 at Cotton Bowl Classic, declared “unsportsmanlike conduct” gave birth to the “Miami Rule,” the 1995 Pell Grant scandal, and the 2005 rap song “7th Floor Crew.”
  • Did you know that the mascot for the Hurricanes is Sebastian The Ibis?
  • Did you know that the Orange Bowl holds over 70,000 people?Sun_Life_Stadium