ECG money sunWays to Make $$$ on the Beach!

So you’ve vacationed in Florida quite a bit and decided you might move here, at least part time. And now you wonder what to do to make a few extra bucks. Well, Florida and the Emerald Coast is the place to do it! Tourists and vacationers love to spend money; no one comes here to save money. Why not be the one to figure out how to make money on the beach — and give people what they want or need!

Some very do-able ways to make money include the following:

  1. Rent out your beach house. While not everyone has a beach house, many tourists to Florida do buy second homes and then worry about affording them. Just rent them out during tourist season. You would be shocked at how much some people are willing to pay a night to stay on or near the beach. If you don’t own one, maybe you can manage one for someone else.
  2. For a quick and dirty way to make money, why not sell bottled water during the heat of the day. Just purchase water by the case–cheap!–and sell it by the bottle to make lots of thirst-quenching moola. Plus you are preventing people from passing out due to thirst!
  3. Sell sun block. Sun Block is a must for everyone on the beach in the summer. Just purchase a case of trial-size sunscreen–and sell it for a big profit. If a sun-worshipper’s skin is frying, she will pay big time for sun screen. And you might help them prevent cancer.
  4. Collect bottles and cans to recycle  Just get a big box with a trash bag lining it, then put a sign on the box that says “Please Recycle!” What sort of grouch on the beach doesn’t want to avoid being a litter bug. And it’s YOU who make the money! Recycle! It’s good for Mother Nature too.
  5. Pick up seashells and sell them online as craft supplies. You don’t need your own website; just use Etsy or eBay. Fun on the sand in the sun finding pretty shells, then $$$ when you get on your computer! Seashells are very popular with tourists. You might even take some crafts you make and sell them on the beach too.
  6. Do you have talent? Why not entertain beach-goers.Play an instrument or sing. Even seemingly corny entertainers such as like mimes and jugglers make money at it. Make sure to have a big container for tips! Or draw if you have a skill for it. Beach-goers love to buy souvenirs to take home like crazy beach drawings from unique artists.
  7. People are always losing money and jewelry on the beach. Why not get a metal detector and make their loss your gain. Easy and fun. Look for the gold!

So that’s it for today, ways to make money and enjoy doing it. If you’re going to work, why not work on the beach. What better way to really get into your job and make it both fun and profitable. Stay tuned for more tips on making money in future articles.