A garden party is an outside social gathering in a park or a garden. An event described as a garden party is usually more formal than other outdoor gatherings, which may be called simply parties, picnicsbarbecues, etc. ~Wikipedia 



May is here, and the weather if perfect for entertaining in your backyard — provided you have all the greenery up to snuff. While having some friends (or lots of friends) over for festivities in the “garden” (informal or formal) sounds like a blast, there are some things to take into account first:

  • Will the weather be perfect on the chosen day? Temperatures in the 70’s with few clouds is perfect. There is a reason not to plan an outdoor garden party too far in advance.
  • How much can you spend? Depending on the number of friends and how luxurious you want to make it, having a garden party can run from a few hundred to several thousand dollars. Most people who attend might be willing to BYOB or bring a few food stuffs, but to be a good host or hostess you need to have all your guests need.
  • How many people do you invite? Whom do you invite? Think about the size of your home and yard. How many people can fit comfortably. Also think about the fact that you want most of your guests outside since this is a garden party. And what friends do you invite. Just close friends? Neighbors? Friends at work? Friends of friends?
  • How will you decorate? You should probably go for a spring theme, pastels and such, rather than anything too summery in May. Balloons and streamers can be fun, but don’t get carried away with “cute” since this is an adult party. On a side note, do you invite dogs and kids? Having the energy of children and pets can up the spirits of a party, but if it’s a relatively fancy adult affair, it might be better to hakmChéruit_robe_de_garden_party-1914ve a separate area for the kiddies and pups.
  • What sort of drinks and food do you need? An outdoor garden party is not generally the time to chow down on messy barbecue or heavy fried foods. Keep it light! Small plates of salads or horderves  with some wine spritzers or imported beers is perfect. Guests are there to much lightly and chat — not plow into heavy foods and fill their bellies!
  • What’s the dress code? Most guests won’t show up to a garden party in a dirty tee shirt, but you might want to emphasize the fact that it’s a classy affair. Spring slacks or shorts and fun shirts would be great. Maybe sun dresses and big floppy hats for the gals.
  • How long should it last? At least two hours. Not more than three. If it’s outside and a little warm, your guests needs shady areas or canopies to sit under. But even two hours of warm shade is enough. This should be an afternoon affair, not an all day drunk!

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So these are all the tips we have now. Make sure to put on your party face and clean up the house. May is the perfect time (in most parts of the country, maybe not Miami!) for outdoor affairs with fashionable dress. And use  your best manners. Don’t be crude and don’t be a drunk bore. Have a festive time!