Fall is a great time to have a wedding on the Emerald Coast. The summer tourist crowd is pretty much gone, so you will have all the down-key romance you need, no use in rushing around through traffic. The cooling down of Florida sunny days and the longer sunsets mean that your guests can spend more time on the beach and your wedding party can enjoy the white sand even longer. Imagine how lovely and handsome the bride and groom will be as they exchange vows on a lovely white beach on the beautiful Emerald Coast. Below are some tips on how to make your Emerald Coast destination wedding on the beach a success:

  • First, make the announcement. If you can tell both families at the same time, that’s better. Consider how to get people together since everyone probably doesn’t live in the same area.
  • Dream your dreams by sitting down to talk out ideas. What sort of beach wedding do you want? Traditional or themed? Contemporary or conceptual? Formal or informal? No talk of money yet, however.
  • Consider the timing. More or less firm up a date, but leave things a little open at first.
  • Now talk about money, what you might want and what you can realistically afford. Don’t expect the bride’s parents to foot the whole bill, doesn’t happen as much these days
  • Get organized with a notebook paper or computer and break it into sections for each budget category.
  • Next, find the right venue. Determine the officiant in the area that works for your religious, secular, and spiritual needs.
  • Make sure to arrange transportation ahead of time. Don’t wait until the wedding guests and party arrive to contact a transportation expert to make things run smoothly. Having safe transportation is a must!
  • Time to hire vendors, choose bridesmaids, and buy your gown. The gown! A whole event in itself. That’s another article!
  • Manage your budget. A rough idea of each category is Reception 40%, Honeymoon: 14.5%, Photography and video, 10.5%, Wedding attire 7%, Engagement rings and wedding bands 6%, Flowers 5%, Transportation, 5% Invitations 2%. Wedding budgets can expand like crazy if you let them. Don’t go flower crazy  Avoid impulse buying. Just use your good sense.
  • Be sure to get plenty of exercise and eat right before the wedding day. Also get plenty of sleep. You want to be your best for the special wedding especially when it includes beach photography. You might want to get a spray tan — for both bride and groom — if you don’t look beach ready.

Imagine how lovely the bride and how handsome the room will be as they exchange vows on a sparkling white fall beach on the magical Emerald Coast. Make it happen!