By Jeff Charles

Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan is many things. An anti-semite. A virulent racist. A purveyor of hate. However, when it comes to blacks in bondage, he is also a raging hypocrite.

I don’t say this lightly. Indeed, I have a rule that I rarely break: I don’t make negative statements about people, I focus on their behavior. However, in this instance, the evidence clearly shows that Farrakhan is not as gung-ho about helping blacks all over the world as he may seem.

When given an opportunity to support black slaves in Africa, he refused. The reason he refused is a special type of deplorable.

Farrakhan Refuses To Help African Slaves

Charles Jacobs, the president of Americans for Peace and Tolerance, has worked for decades to make the world aware of the plight of black slaves in North Africa. His organization has fought for the freedom of enslaved Africans since the 1990s. In a recent piece, he discussed an appearance he made on a news show to discuss modern-day African slavery.

After his appearance, he explains what Minister Farrakhan did in response. “Farrakhan’s Nation of Islam immediately demanded to have its spokesperson — Akbar Muhammed — come on the show with a different view,” he writes. “Akbar claimed this was all a ‘big lie,’ part of a Jewish conspiracy against Minister Farrakhan.”

According to Jacobs, Farrakhan was incensed by Jacob’s discussion of slavery in Libya. This isn’t surprising because Farrakhan and the now-deceased Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi were friends. Indeed, Gaddafi loaned the Nation of Islam $3 million to purchase a building. Farrakhan also was also outspoken in his opposition to Obama’s war against Libya and excoriated the United States for bringing about the assassination of Gaddafi.

In 1996, Minister Farrakhan was confronted about his stance on slavery in Sudan. The New York Times reported that Farrakhan became angry. His anger undoubtedly stemmed from the fact that he was a vocal supporter of the Sudanese government. “If slavery exists, why don’t you go as a member of the press?” He said. “And you look inside of the Sudan, and if you find it, then you come back and tell the American people what you have found.”

The Baltimore Sun decided to follow the minister’s advice. Two of their reporters traveled to Sudan to investigate the allegations of slavery. In a three-part series, they detailed what they found. Slavery was alive and well in Sudan at the time. However, they weren’t the only ones who reported that Arabs were enslaving Africans. Dateline NBC also ran a story on the matter. Their report included video footage of slaves and slaveholders. The report also showed Minister Farrakhan’s challenge.

Farrakhan’s Response To The Press

After being presented with the evidence of African slavery, one would think that Louis Farrakhan — someone who proclaims to fight for oppressed blacks — would have spoken out against the treatment of slaves. However, the minister did nothing. He had nothing to say about the thousands of people who are living in bondage in Africa. As a descendant of slaves, he decided to ignore the issue altogether.

Slavery still exists in Sudan. Thanks to former President Obama and failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, slavery has made a resurgence in Libya. Indeed, in much of North Africa, Africans are cruelly enslaved by both by other Africans and Arab Muslims — which brings us to the reason why Farrakhan refuses to speak out on this matter.

Arab Muslims Are More Important Than Black Slaves

Farrakhan has had ties to Islamic governments in Africa and elsewhere. Although the Nation of Islam is a bastardization of real Islam, they still have a connection to Muslim organizations and governments. Indeed, the minister shares something in common with the more radical Muslims: a deep hatred of Jews and America.

The simple truth is that Farrakhan is ignoring African slaves because he does not want to go against other Muslims — who are clearly perpetrating a grievous evil on people with whom Farrakhan claims solidarity. What is interesting is that there are Muslim groups that have publicly opposed slavery. There is no religious justification for Farrakhan’s failure to address the issue.

The simple fact of the matter is that Minister Louis Farrakhan is a blatant hypocrite on the issue of slavery. He has no problem attacking whites — blaming them for their slaveholder ancestors. But when it became clear that Arab Muslims are still engaging in the evil behavior that whites ended in America over one hundred years ago, he had nothing to say — and still doesn’t.

Should This Even Be A Surprise?

It is not surprising that Farrakhan would remain silent on African slavery. His agenda is more anti-white, anti-Jewish, and anti-America than it is pro-black.

Reverend Al Sharpton has spoken out against slavery in Libya, as has Reverend Jesse Jackson. They have urged the United Nations to do something to help African slaves. Yes, both of these men are rabid race-baiters, but at least they are consistent.

The same cannot be said of Farrakhan. He was given an opportunity to add his voice to the chorus of people who wish to end slavery altogether, and he refused. His silence is nothing less than a vile betrayal of the people he claims to support. If more blacks knew about Farrakhan’s refusal to address black slavery, they would see him for what he is: a fraud.

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