By Tim Donner

We wrote recently on about the simple-minded, one-step thinking of the left, how they react purely on emotion and fail – or refuse – to consider the unintended consequences of their actions.  But the more one examines leftist ideology below the surface, the clearer it becomes that it isn’t just simple-minded; it is utterly illogical.

There is no better example than gun control. In one breath, leftists cry that the police are inherently racist, and thus will not protect inner city blacks living in crime-infested neighborhoods.  You would then assume that the left would consequently favor greater means of self-protection for those who are victims of police bias and neglect.

But you would be wrong.

Because in the next breath, they seek to confiscate these people’s means of self-protection with more gun control laws, which only embolden criminals and endanger ordinary law-abiding citizens.  That would be the overwhelming majority of citizens.

There is a reason for this twisted logic.  The cold hard truth is that most gun control activists – like so many on the left writ large – are sheltered elitists who have not a scintilla of experience with real crime.  They live protected lives in ivory towers, gated communities and faculty lounges, and yet deign to preach anti-gun screeds to the unwashed masses – who are supposed to be their fellow travelers or constituents – as they seek to strip them of their most reliable means of self-protection.

And when leftists do actually encounter serious crime, even peripherally, they want to immediately grab the guns of everyone.  Witness David Hogg, the atheist student present for the Parkland shooting, basking in his glory as the newfound, self-serious poster child for gun control.

These leftists are either stupid or willfully blind.  They either don’t realize or refuse to acknowledge that guns are the great equalizer.  Think about the single woman arriving home after work who’s approached by thugs.  Or the black guy confronted by racists.  Or the gay couple terrorized by a homophobic gang.  What is the one thing that can instantly level their playing fields?  That’s right, a gun.

What the left is really saying in the end is that the people most in need of their Second Amendment rights – including blacks, whom they supposedly champion – should have their means of self-defense confiscated.  Talk about illogical.

This amounts to a grossly distorted form of noblesse oblige, the inferred responsibility of privileged people to act on behalf of those less privileged. To paraphrase the Marie Antoinette philosophy: let them not eat cake, but turn in their guns.

Perhaps, just perhaps, the recent musings of Kanye West can help liberate the mass of African-Americans from the bondage of these elitists who control the Democratic party.  Will Kanye breaking from the pack activate the permission concept for more African-Americans?

Maybe, just maybe, the acclaimed rap artist openly expressing his fierce independence from the Democrat plantation will sow enough seeds of discontent that we will witness a movement of black Americans returning to their roots in the Republican party.  Yes, roots.  Remember that Republicans are the party of Lincoln, and the ones most responsible for passing civil rights legislation.  Hell, Jackie Robinson was a Republican, and Martin Luther King might have been one as well – he certainly was no Democrat. And it’s easy to figure out why – Democrats were, for most of their history, the party of the three S’s: slavery, secession and segregation, to which we can now add a fourth S: socialism.

Donald Trump, who during the 2016 presidential campaign hammered away at the Democrats’ abject failure over decades to relieve poverty, repeatedly asked his black audiences during the presidential campaign, “what the hell have you got to lose?” He attracted more black votes than Mitt Romney in 2012 or John McCain in 2008, even after he was vilified as the second coming of Hitler.

But even if there is no mass movement of blacks back toward the GOP, there could still be a movement away from the Democrats, fueled by a growing realization of how they have been taken for granted, promised so much and delivered so little by the increasingly elitist, out-of-touch Democratic party.

It is a truism that, without securing an overwhelming majority of the African-American vote, Democrats are sunk.  But it would serve the interests of not just minorities, but the majority, for Democrats to finally be forced to offer something more than empty promises and cries of racism to secure a black vote that is no longer monolithic.

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