If you’ve been online in the past 48 hours, you might have been privy to a hot, heaping pile of messy tweets courtesy of Kim Kardashian. 

Kim has been in the throes of a heated Twitter spar with frequent Kanye West collaborator Rhymefest, and it’s all regarding a non-profit organization in Chicago, created in the name of Kanye’s late mother. Buckle up, and let us break it down for you.

What is Donda’s House?  

Fellow Chicago-native Rhymefest — who has had a hand in writing Kanye hits like “Jesus Walks” — helped found Donda’s House, an arts-based, youth-focused non-profit organization in the city. On Saturday, Rhymefest tweeted a message out to Drake (who recently invoiced Kanye and his record label, but that’s another story) asking for financial support to “rebuild Kanye’s mother’s house for the youth of Chicago.”  Read more…

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