By Onar Åm

Few today would say it’s okay to invade other civilizations and impose our social order upon them, but leftists have a special place for such conquerors in the lower rungs of hell. To them, there is no greater evil than colonization – Western colonization, that is. In Mongolia there is a humongous monument in celebration of the most brutal conqueror the world has ever seen: Genghis Khan.

Not only does Mongolia not apologize for Genghis Khan, they praise him as a national hero. What do we hear from the left on this? Crickets. The left’s focus on demonizing only Western colonization and ignoring all others creates a sneaking suspicion that the outrage is unconsciously channeled resentment of success rather than genuine moral concern.


But before we continue, what is colonization? In the hostile context of imperialism, it means to invade and appropriate someone else’s domain or territory, usually controlling, enslaving or displacing the indigenous people or culture.

By this definition, the progressive left are the modern colonizers. Consider their agenda: They don’t like the existing dominant conservative culture, and they want to replace it with new ideas and practices they consider superior. Leftists use aggressive and hostile strategies to achieve their goals, usually by strip-mining society for minorities and using them as clubs to browbeat the majority into submission.


Let’s start with a trivial example. America is a largely Christian country, but you are no longer allowed to say “Merry Christmas” because this allegedly hurts the feelings of some minority. Therefore, most TV stations and large corporations say “happy holidays” instead.

In Norway, which has been a Christian country for more than a millennium, progressive schools colonized Christmas by insisting on calling it “December gathering,” erased culturally sensitive words like “Santa Claus,” and secularized the lyrics of traditional Christmas carols. They ruined Christmas for most of the children in the name of “inclusivity.”


Do you remember when Americans of all stripes could go to a football game and just enjoy the sport? It was just good fun – a wonderful arena for social lubrication.

But then came the colonizers. Sports just had to be about politics.

Suddenly we had flag kneeling to remind everyone how racist they are, a transgender on the front cover of Sports Illustrated to remind everyone how transphobic they are, and unbearable social justice tirades on ESPN which zaps all the fun out of the game.


Do you remember when kindergarten was a place for children to learn, socialize, and have fun? Not anymore. Suddenly the colonizers came and told the children that there is no such thing as male and female. In Sweden, a progressive public kindergarten refused to use the pronouns “he” and “she” to address the children.


Star Wars has been an important part of the culture of millions of people, mostly nerdy men, across the globe. Then came the colonizers and said that “The Force is Female.” Star Wars became Social Justice Wars. Mark Hamill, who plays Luke Skywalker, expressed his disapproval of the desecration of his character with tears in his eyes. They made Yoda burn the Jedi religion to the ground. Everything from the old canon had to be destroyed.

Fans all over the world who had loved the franchise their entire lives said that they had lost all interest and vowed that they would never watch another film.

Trail of Destitution

According to the legend, the great colonizer Attila the Hun said: “there, where I have passed, the grass will never grow again.” That’s a phrase that could legitimately be appropriated by the modern colonizers – the progressive left.

Through mangled logic, they believe that it is not only acceptable for a tiny minority to displace the beliefs, traditions, and values of the great majority, but that they are morally good for doing so. The weaponized minority is the magical elixir that alchemically transforms a transgression against majority culture into a virtue.

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