Amazon Echo Dot (2018)
The Good

Good sound • Can pair with another Echo Dot for stereo • Elegant design • Still affordable

The Bad

Sound lacks bass • Power cord is now proprietary

The Bottom Line

Amazon’s 2018 refresh of the Echo Dot turns its entry-level Alexa product from a merely passable audio experience into something much more pleasing to the ear.

Mashable Score4.25
Cool Factor3.0
Learning Curve5.0
Bang for the Buck5.0

The Echo Dot may be the most important piece of hardware Amazon has ever made.

You heard me. Not the Kindle. Not the original Echo. Certainly not the Fire Phone. While the first Amazon Echo unlocked the possibilities that go hand-in-hand with voice, it was the Dot, with its simple design and more affordable price, that made that experience ubiquitous by putting it in every room. Read more…

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